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Useful Items for There Games Hosts

Avatar Team Lookup and Scoring

Avatar Profile Lookup:

Download the Avatar Nametag Color Lookup Database Spreadsheet (Updated Feb 21, 2009)

Host Login for the There Games Event Results and Team Standings

There_Games_Cohosting Group Forum

Nametag Patches to Add Labels

Click on this text to be brought to the Nametag Patches for There

Nametag Patches for There

To View More Avatars, Press Ctrl - Shift - L in before clicking the following link:

Open the Performance Knob Manager (a.k.a PerfKnob)

Once you have opended the page, change the View Scale setting to 2 or higher and click the Submit botton to view more avatars.

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NOTE: To use these links you need to belong to the There_Games_Cohosting Group and have a valid login to the links provided. If you desire to become a There Games Host, please ask _Emma to be added to this group two months in advance of the next There Games. Microsoft Excel or (Version 3.0.1 or higher) is required to utilize the Avatar Nametag Color Lookup Database. The Avatar Nametag Color Lookup Database has been tested on Office Excel 97, Office Excel 2007 and 3.0.1 for compatibility. If you do not have Excel, please visit to download a free Office program.